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Want A Job? Prepare To Play Multiple Roles

This is a guest post by Rahul Mistry, a content writer for the 123-reg. His last article for FORBES was “Coming To Terms With Underemployment.” You can follow him on Twitter and Google+.

As the economic downturn persists, companies are asking employees to take on multiple tasks. Most recently, the Chicago Sun-Times fired its photographers and told staff reporters to take pictures with their iPhones. In this new world of work, job opportunities will go to those who can play a number of different roles. Developing multiple skill sets can not only help you find a job–it can also help you stay employed.

In a lifetime, the average person holds about 10 jobs across seven different careers, studies show. Of course, workers are more likely to switch jobs when they’re young and have no dependents, but one in five workers over 50 who are less than a decade away from retirement are contemplating career changes as well.

With companies looking for multiskilled employees, learning new skills can have a profound effect on your career. Whether it’s your first job, a career change or improving in your current position, you achieve greater mobility by showing you are willing to learn and evolve. Here are some ways to pick up new skills.